How to change the package type on a Managed Server via the xneelo Control Panel

The information in this article is related to the new xneelo Control Panel.
If you are still using konsoleH, refer to this article.

It’s easy to upgrade or downgrade domains on your Managed Server to a different hosting package via the xneelo Control Panel.


  • 1
    Log in to the xneelo Control Panel.
  • 2
    Under Products in the side menu, select Managed Servers.
  • 3
    Click on the dropdown next to the server name and select the domain name, or search for your domain name in the search box.
  • 4
    Scroll down to Package details and click on Change package.
  • 5
    Select your preferred hosting package.
  • 6
    Click on Change package.
  • 7
    A success toast message will appear when your changes have been saved.
Assist Note

You will not be able to downgrade to a package type that offers lower quotas (e.g. databases) than what you currently have in use – in this case, the option will be greyed out.