How do I configure domains on my Self-Managed Server?

If your Self-Managed Server setup is similar to our Managed Servers, the process should include the following:

  • Configure the additional IP addresses on your server’s network interface (eg. on linux: “ifconfig eth0:1 x.x.x.x, etc.”).
  • Configure your Web server (eg. Apache/IIS) to respond to the relevant domains on the new IP addresses. On Apache this would be creating a duplicate of the relevant virtualhost entry and modifying the IP address for that virtualhost.
  • Test the changes by modifying your local DNS for those domains
  • Update the DNS for the relevant domain(s). If you administer the DNS for these domains via the xneelo Control Panel, these updates can be done in the DNS administration tool.

All software aspects of the machine are the client’s responsibility. We are unfortunately not in the position to implement any software changes on behalf of Self-Managed clients.

Assist Note

All Self-Managed tools and features are now available in the new xneelo Control Panel. Make the switch to the new xneelo Control Panel and discover a simpler, more secure way to manage your hosting.