Redhat removed support for some adapters from certain drivers in RHEL 8.0. Since CentOS is built from the same sources, the majority, if not all, of these changes will apply to CentOS.  Please note that the RAID adapters used in our Self-Managed Servers have been removed in CentOS 8.

The following Self-Managed Servers make use of a hardware RAID controller: 

  • TruServ Commerce Servers
  • TruServ Plus Servers (configured with additional hardware raid controller as add-on)

The Community Enterprise Linux Repository (ELRepo) Project provides driver update disks (DUD) for adapters that are still commonly used. A DUD contains the required driver in the form of a kmod package.

Below is an illustration of RAID controller details on a server:

Please note the DUD package name and version may change depending on the CentOS-8 OS version or RAID controller used.

Versions for the megaraid_sas DUD for CentOS 8 releases:

These were the available versions for the megaraid_sas DUD at the time this article was created. 

  • CentOS-8.0 -> dd-megaraid_sas-07.707.50.00-1.el8_0.elrepo.iso
  • CentOS-8.1 -> dd-megaraid_sas-07.707.51.00-1.el8_1.elrepo.iso

This method has been tested on the following hardware RAID controllers:

  • Supermicro LSI 2018 MegaRAID (8-port)
  • Intel RS2BL040 (4-port)
  • Intel RS2BL080 (8-port)

All of the above-mentioned RAID controllers use the megaraid_sas driver.

Please take note of the following with regards to CentOS 8 upgrades:

Please ensure that the correct version kmod-megaraid_sas package is installed before rebooting your server. If this is not done, your disks will not be detected when the server is rebooted. This will apply for subsequent OS upgrades.

The same applies when upgrading from CentOS 7 to CentOS 8.

  • Confirming kmod-megaraid_sas package is installed

To ensure the latest kmod-megaraid_sas package is always installed it is advisable that the ELRepo repository is enabled. Further instructions on how to enable the ELRepo repository on CentOS can be found here.

Xneelo will enable the ELRepo repository during the provisioning process of CentOS 8 to ensure the latest kmod-megaraid_sas is installed during an upgrade. This will happen by default unless the ELRepo repository was disabled manually.

Confirming that ELRepo repository is enabled

IMPORTANT: Always ensure that the correct version of kmod-megaraid_sas package is installed before rebooting.

If you’d like to install CentOS 8 from a mounted ISO, please note that you will need to perform a manual driver update during the installation process to ensure the installer will detect your disks. 


As this relates to Self-Managed products, xneelo will not be held responsible for any loss of data or damage you may suffer as a result of a disaster. 



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