You may have heard that Hetzner has a new name: we are now xneelo. 

We’ve prepared this list of FAQs to help answer any questions you may have and will keep it updated over the next few weeks. If you have a question that isn’t answered here, please feel free to contact our support team.

Why have you changed your name?

We are going global. We already have an office in Canada and intend to launch into new markets. Our international expansion means we need to change our name to avoid brand confusion with Hetzner Online, a separate company to Hetzner SA.  

We’re still the same team, just with a new look and space to grow.

How do you pronounce xneelo?

exneelo. As you see it, so you say it.

What does xneelo mean?

We spent a lot of time exploring different options for our new name. Inspired by a Latin phrase that translates into the ability to ‘create something out of nothing’, we believe that xneelo speaks to the resourcefulness, ingenuity and industrious spirit of our customers -- and of our own team.

It takes passion, determination, and consistency to create and grow a business. To bring a dream to life. We’ve always thought of ourselves as enablers: equipping and supporting our customers with the tools and assistance needed to create and grow their business online. 

As a South African company, why are you internationalising? 

While our roots are proudly South African, we see the potential for further growth in new markets. We believe in the service we’re able to provide. 

Does this change mean that Hetzner is being bought out?

Not at all. All the parts that have made Hetzner what it is won’t change. Our company values, our founder and CEO, and our experienced leadership team who have been with us for many years are now xneelo’s values and leadership team. Our operational strategy remains unchanged. 

How will this rebrand affect your service levels? 

Service is at the heart of who we are as an organisation, regardless of our name. Everything we do is to benefit our customers. Our customers remain our priority and our motto continues to be Trusted in Hosting. 

Will your product offering change? 

The only thing that is changing is our name. Our current product offering remains the same.

What do I need to do? 

All you need to be aware of are the new email addresses you can contact us on: for example, replaces And remember that your invoice will now say ‘xneelo’ instead of ‘Hetzner’. That’s it.

What will my debit order reference say now that you’ve changed your name?

The reference on your bank statement will be MultiD for xnee.

How does this affect me as a reseller?

The name change only affects you if you have told your clients that they are hosted with Hetzner you can now tell them you are still hosted with Hetzner, but the name has changed to xneelo. If you make use of our logo on your website, you can download our new logo here.

Feel free to use the content on this page to help explain the reason for the name change to your clients and contact should you need any further assistance.

What about your konsoleH control panel?

Our name change will not affect our konsoleH control panel. Our new control panel, which is currently in development and is being rolled out in stages, will not carry the konsoleH name – it will simply be known as the xneelo control panel.

How does your name change affect the renewal of domain names or ordering new domains?

We will be updating our registrar details to reflect our new company name. We expect this to take place in the week of Monday, 22 July. This means that domains registered under Hetzner will be updated to reflect our new name. 

Domain renewals will not be affected.

Domain registrations that occur on Sunday, 21 July or Monday, 22 July could still be registered under the Hetzner name. These domains will be updated to reflect xneelo during the course of the week.

All new domain registrations will reflect our new company and registrar name: xneelo during the week of Monday, 22 July.

Have your Terms of Service changed?

No. The same Terms and Conditions and Acceptable Use Policy still apply. 

Does my customer number remain the same? 

Yes your customer credentials remain unchanged.

Do you need further assistance? Contact us