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“Open Route believes that people can only empower themselves when given the right environment to do so. By focusing on solving the logistics pain points which businesses experience, we are confident that our customers can thrive sustainably.”

Deliveries of all sizes

“We started Open Route in March 2020, in response to our event hiring business being hit by COVID-19. My business partner and I used our existing skills and experience in last-mile delivery to create Open Route,” says Grant Greeff, co-founder and CEO. It’s a simple but powerful idea: Open Route plugs into businesses as a strategic logistics partner, making it easier to scale their logistics with the right tools and systems.

What sets Open Route apart is their spirit of collaboration. “We are building some exciting partnerships with very experienced people who complement our services,” explains Grant. “This creates a trusted ecosystem of support so that our customers can grow with 100% confidence.”

Critical lead generator

The Open Route website is an essential tool in their service offering. “ acts as our first impression, and it’s a critical lead generator for us to connect with people to help them with logistics pain points,” explains Grant.

“I have always known xneelo to have excellent ratings in uptime, performance and security. My first website was hosted with xneelo in 2011, so it’s been a long relationship! In all our dealings, xneelo has exhibited high standards and professionalism.”

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