The latest version of PHP includes a number of features and improvements, like higher performance and increased website speeds. And while PHP 7.2 is still supported on our hosting platform, we’d like to encourage you to upgrade your site to PHP 7.3

It’s essential that your website code is always kept up to date. While xneelo is responsible for the infrastructure on which your site is hosted,  you as the website owner are responsible for keeping the code your website uses up to date. 

Upgrading is easy in konsoleH

The PHP Config tool in konsoleH helps you upgrade your site to the newest version of PHP with ease. If you find any errors after upgrading, use the tool to downgrade to version 7.2  and make the necessary changes.

Upgrade sooner rather than later

It’s easier to upgrade to the latest version of PHP when it becomes available. As older versions of PHP reach end of life, they will be phased out and no longer supported on our hosting platform.