How an NPO gives underserved children access to world-class education

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We have one purpose – to give these children the same opportunities their donors had when they were growing up.

The Geleentheid Trust is a non-profit organisation (NPO) that grants scholarships to children from the lower-income areas of Stellenbosch. Without these scholarships, these talented children wouldn’t be able to attend high school. There are currently 11 scholars enlisted in the programme. 

Friends looking for a way to give back

Founded in 2008 by Michiel le Roux and Emile van Biljon, the idea behind Geleentheid Trust originated from a late-night conversation over a few beers – and a strong desire for them to give back to the community. Not long after this discussion, the idea became a reality.

“We’re proud to share that 92% of all the donations are spent solely on these children,” says Michiel. “These donations are debit order contributions that typically range between R150 and R300.” 

For as little as R300 per month, nine donors can fund one scholarship.

Selection process

The Geleentheid Trust spreads awareness about the scholarship opportunities, fundraisers for school fees and helps students with the application process. The biggest challenge they face is selecting the scholars, as there are so many talented youths, deserving of this opportunity. 

The trust makes their selection based on academic ability, achievements in leadership, sport or culture.

All of this is possible as a result of their website and online presence. It provides a central space for spreading awareness, fundraising and applications.

“Xneelo has been great.  We’ve been with them for almost ten years and since day one they’ve been accommodating to our hosting needs.”

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