How do I identify Domain Name Scams?

There are deceitful companies running domain name scams intended to mislead you to register an alternative domain name with them or to transfer your existing domain name to them. Below is advice on how to identify and deal with these domain scams:

Alternative domain name

The most popular domain scam involves a company phoning you claiming that someone is trying to register an alternative version of your domain name. They will offer you the chance to register the alternative domain name at a price significantly higher than the usual registration fees in order for you to secure the domain name. The company phoning you will often give you a short time period (i.e. a few minutes) to decide whether you want to register the domain in question.

Recommendation: Our advice is to refuse to register domain names with anyone making such claims. If you feel the domain name is important to you, register the domain name online with xneelo or another reputable service provider. Otherwise, these offers can simply be ignored.

Domain renewal

Another type of domain scam could involve a domain renewal invoice being sent to you from an unknown company. These “invoices” warn you to renew your domain registration with them or risk losing your domain name. The first thing to check is that the invoice is coming from your domain registrar.

Recommendation: Our advice is to only accept domain renewal notices from the company that you registered your domain name within the first place. If you are in any doubt as to who you should pay for domain renewals, contact your existing domain registrar. Do not send money to a company you have never heard of.

Domain name search engine registration

A third example is an email that is cleverly written so that it sounds like it is related to your domain name renewal or expiry. When you read it carefully, you will notice that they refer to ‘domain name search engine registration’ which is entirely different from ‘domain name registration’. Specific phrases are used to make you feel pressurized to act, for example:” Expiry date”, “Failure to complete your registration”, “Cancellation of this offer”.

Recommendation: Our advice is to find a reputable company to assist you with your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) if this is something that you are interested in. Otherwise, these offers can also simply be ignored.