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1 Gbps uplink speed now available countrywide

March 11, 2024

After successfully increasing the uplink speed of our servers at our Samrand Data Centre from 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps, we’re pleased to now offer the same increase at all our data centre locations.

What does this mean?

The network upgrade will improve the throughput of network traffic to and from your server. This will ensure that your applications are not hampered by network congestion, ensuring fast and efficient network throughput between your server and the internet. 

Some of the benefits Managed and Self-Managed Server customers can look forward to as a result of this upgrade are:

  • a significant increase in the speed of all traffic to and from your server
  • exclusive use of an unthrottled 1Gbit pipe to the internet
  • better website access for visitors
  • smoother file uploads and downloads to and from your website
  • improved sFTP interactions
  • an enhanced website administration/development experience
  • improved email delivery performance 
  • faster control panel interactions with server-side artefacts
  • faster daily backups with a higher success rate
  • quicker disaster recovery with less downtime
  • monitoring system performance improvements
  • enhanced management data aggregation
  • more options to run parallel tasks

This upgrade follows the news of INX-ZA completing its high-speed dark fibre network of Johannesburg Internet Exchange (JINX) sites, one of which is our very own Samrand Data Centre, resulting in improved network capacity.  

Increasing our uplink speeds forms part of our continuous efforts to improve our network infrastructure and increase the flexibility and capacity of our network. 

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