What is DRAC?

A DRAC (Dell™ Remote Assistant Card) is a remote controller which gives the system administrator of a Dell™ Self-Managed Commerce full control of the server hardware and operating system from any remote computer running a Web browser, even if the server is down or unresponsive. This controller came standard with each Dell™ Self-Managed Commerce server that we used to offer.

Some of the features offered by the DRAC include:

  • Access a server after a server failure, power outage, or loss of a network connection (using a network interface card (NIC) or modem)
  • Remotely view a server’s internal event logs and power-on-self-test (POST) codes for diagnostic purposes
  • Manage servers in multiple locations from a remote console
  • Perform an orderly shutdown of a server for maintenance tasks
  • Diagnose a server failure and restart the server

For more information on the available features of the DRAC please visit the Dell website.

The DRAC credentials would have been sent to the authorised contact when the server was commissioned. Alternatively, you can request these credentials by sending an email to us.

Assist Note

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