Self-Managed servers: Password updates

Customers with Self-Managed servers should update the following passwords:

  1. FTP backup password
  2. OS password
  3. Remote Control password
  4. konsoleH Admin password

FTP Backup password

  1. Browse to konsoleH and log in
  2. Select or search for your applicable Self-Managed server
  3. Select FTP Backup in the left-hand menu
  4. Click on Reset Password
  5. Follow the steps in the wizard (ensure you use a strong password)

Remote Control password

Refer to this Help Centre article for a step-by-step guide to update.

konsoleH Admin password

This password (also known as the Management or Account Owner password) can be updated as follows:

  1. Browse to
  2. Enter the email address associated with your account and click Reset Password (note: if you no longer have access to this email address, contact us for assistance)
  3. A reset password link will be sent to your email address: Click on the included link
  4. A new window opens which allows you to update your password
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