Software used on xneelo servers

Shared web hosting and Managed server hosting:

The managed environment of our Web Hosting packages and Managed Servers is regularly updated with security patches and new versions of software. Below is a list of most of the software installed and their recent versions (September 2021):

  • Linux Debian “Stretch”
  • MariaDB 10.4 (Built on the MariaDB 5.5 series with backported features from MySQL 5.6 and new features not found elsewhere)
  • PHP 7.3, 7.4 and 8.0 (see How to upgrade your PHP version)
  • PEAR 1.10.12
  • Apache 2.4
  • Perl 5.24
  • Exim 4.89
  • Dovecot 2.2
  • Python 2.7.13 & 3.5.3

If you have questions regarding software compatibility, contact our Technical Support team via

Note: Xneelo uses a LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, Mysql/MariaDB and PHP) for our web services with PHP as the programming language. As a result, Perl and Python are not technically supported and we cannot guarantee that it will run optimally should you wish to use it within your website.

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