How is my IP subnet allocated?

For any subnet, for example, (which is 8 IP addresses) the breakdown is ALWAYS as follows on the xneelo network:

1st “Network IP/ address”


This IP is the Network Address and it can not be used or allocated to your server. It is reserved for identifying the network.

2nd “Gateway address”

Eg. : if you ping this address, it goes to the router.

The IP address on the xneelo Network that your server uses to send and receive communications. This is the default gateway configured on the server.

3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th “Usable addresses”

Eg. [First Usable IP – that is usually the IP on which the server is accessed] & & &

Each server requires an IP to identify it. These IPs can be assigned to your server and you can assign more than 1 IP to a server. Please note we only set up the first usable IP on your server.

7th “Remote Management Module [RMM]”


The IP address assigned to the RMM. The RMM is a remote access and management hardware module that allows you to set up, monitor and troubleshoot your Self-Managed Server from a remote location.

8th “Broadcast IP” / Always the last IP


Used for broadcasting messages to the entire network that your server resides on. This is the last IP in your subnet.

Subnet mask:

Eg. Subnet Mask

This defines the size of the network range assigned to you. /29, /30 – these are a way of defining the subnet size.

A /29 will ALWAYS have netmask
A /30 will ALWAYS have netmask

Assist Note

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