ModSecurity is a web application firewall that monitors traffic to your website for malicious activity. ModSecurity is active on all our Web Hosting packages and our Managed Servers. ModSecurity offers an additional layer of protection to your website by monitoring all your traffic and blocking the most malicious activity. 

How to access your detection logs:

It’s easy to access your ModSecurity logs so that you can see what ModSecurity has blocked. While interpreting these logs is fairly technical, our Support team is always happy to help

  1. To view these logs, browse to konsoleH and log in 
  2. Select Statistics & Reports from the left-hand menu, then Error logs

  3. The ModSecurity logs will be labelled so you will know which ones to look out for

While ModSecurity offers moderate security and will detect the most commonly used attacks, if you’re looking for a commercial web application firewall with expert detection levels, we’d recommend Cloudbric.


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