The primary goal of our Help Centre is to make it as easy – and quick – as possible for our customers to get resolution when they have a problem. That’s why we’ve just released a Contact Us tool within our konsoleH control panel that displays suggested help articles to customers when they type in the form’s subject line.

The new tool helps customers in three ways: firstly, the answers are often available in the Help Centre, but customers aren’t aware of them. By offering answers as a customer types the question, many queries are resolved. Secondly, in cases where there isn’t an article or the article doesn’t fully answer their question, the online form guides customers to submit a more comprehensive problem description. The result? Improved first time resolution. And thirdly, the form is pre-populated with authorised email addresses, which means you don’t have to remember which email address is linked to your account.

Find the tool on the bottom right hand corner of the control panel


This streamlined approach makes the process of submitting requests and getting answers as straightforward and speedy as possible. We’re continuing to evolve the form in small increments as we observe what our customers are looking for. Our goal is simple: to empower you, the customer, with all the tools you need to do your best work, quickly.