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How an NPO encourages a passion for the wild

November 17, 2021

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Wild Rescue

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Wild Rescue is a place of love and a permanent home for animals that cannot be released in the wild.

Between Still Bay and the small town of Riversdale (located on the N2 between Cape Town and George), you’ll find Wild Rescue, a wildlife sanctuary dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of wildlife (both flora and fauna.)

Founded by a desire to help 

Wild Rescue was founded in 2015 – driven by the very real need for a wildlife rehabilitation facility in the Western Cape following the closure of two key primate sanctuaries. The non-profit is dedicated to wildlife and environmental preservation and conservation, from four-legged wild animals to threatened indigenous species of plants. 

“Wild rescue is a sanctuary for those that cannot be released, and also provides education around the need for biodiversity – through our nature reserve,” explains Gill Simpson, Executive Director.

The sanctuary and nature reserve is currently home to a range of species including vervet monkeys and giant mountain tortoises. Many species find a home on the nature reserve including, caracul, mongoose, porcupines, Cape otter, grey rhebok, grysbok, fish eagle, and many other important species which make up the biodiversity of fynbos ecology.

Spreading the word through education

What sets Wild Rescue apart is their ethical and dedicated approach to conservation, inviting members of the public to visit the animals being cared for (strictly hands off) and to enjoy the biodiversity in the nature reserve. There is also an educational facility open to the public and local schools which encourages children to interact with nature and learn about conservation.

There are a number of hiking trails in the reserve as well as thatched cottages for those wanting to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. 

Using the web to do good

The Wild Rescue website is hosted by xneelo after Gill was referred to us by an associate. Having a website has enabled the organisation to help injured wildlife both directly and indirectly. 

“People looking for help for sick or injured animals find us in Google search, and we refer them to the correct relevant contact depending on their location,” says Gill.   

“xneelo are one of the good ones,” Gill Simpson, Executive Director of Wild Rescue.

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