When it comes to storing your data, server performance is critical. With this in mind, all new orders for xneelo’s Self-Managed servers are now equipped with Solid-state drives (SSDs) at no additional cost. Previously customers had to select SSDs as an optional extra at R635 per month. Customers with existing Self-Managed Servers can request an upgrade, which incurs a once-off setup cost.

SSDs offer the following benefits over Hard Disk Drives:

1. Increased read and write speeds

SSDs help your server perform better as the read and write speeds are at least 10x faster in some cases.

2. Generates less heat

As there are no moving parts, SSDs generate very little heat, if any. This means that your server’s cooling needs are significantly reduced. An important factor for xneelo’s data centre and our commitment to the environment. 

Being able to access your data faster makes it quicker for you to get your work done – which is what we’re here for: empowering you to create and interact online.