Create and manage additional FTP users with ease using version 2.0 of our new tool. Whether you’re adding a new user, editing or deleting an existing user, you’ll be able to make these changes quickly and simply in one place. 

Creating additional FTP users

Usernames for new FTP users are auto-generated. All that’s required from you is a password. You can create your own password – the easy to follow validation rules will guide you as you type – or choose to auto-generate your password. Don’t forget to copy it to your clipboard: we don’t store passwords for security reasons.

Each hosting package comes with an FTP quota. The new tool displays the number of FTP users on your account and how many additional users you can create. 

For ease of use, the ‘Add FTP user’ button will be unavailable when your quota has been reached.

Managing directory access

When creating an additional FTP user, you may wish to grant certain directory permissions to this person. Giving an FTP user limited directory access means they’re able to make changes to certain parts of your website and not others. These directory permissions can be changed at any time. 

Easy deletion

If you’d like to delete an FTP user, simply click the trash can icon next to the entry you’d like to remove. After confirming that you’re sure, the user will be deleted immediately.

We’re on a mission to make the tools in our new xneelo control panel as simple and easy to use as possible. Please give version 2.0 of the FTP Users tool a try and let us know what you think about the new features.