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Customer research is critical as it gives us the opportunity to observe how you interact with our products – and learn first-hand what does and doesn’t work for you. Customer research can take place in different ways: from completing surveys and submitting feedback, to being observed while you interact with new products or tools in a beta release. 

We need your help with customer research so we can:

  • Identify any pain points in your experience
  • Understand what you’re thinking and feeling when you’re interacting with our products
  • Validate our design decisions before we start the work

With your help, we can use customer feedback to guide xneelo’s future development. You can decide how involved you’d like to be in helping us shape the products we create for you!

Note: If you’ve signed up for user testing in the past, thanks for helping us get to this point. Following the implementation of POPIA, customers need to opt-in again to take part in user testing. 

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