How a communications agency helps clients achieve their goals

April 3, 2019

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Flow Communications

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Communications / Marketing / Advertising


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“We take the time to understand what will make life better for our customers and we offer marketing and communication services that help them achieve their objectives.”

Flow Communications is an integrated communications provider. They tackle communications challenges with a full suite of services, including brand, print, digital, social media, public relations, and media and communications training services.

Impact-based work

“We started the company in a small spare bedroom in my house in 2005, when I didn’t have a job!” laughs Tara Turkington, CEO of Flow Communications. “We took on a variety of content creation work, then expanded our services to website development, graphic design, social media and public relations. After my sister Tiffany joined us, we grew Flow into a company of about 70 staff, with offices in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban.”

Because they’re an independent agency, Flow is able to choose their clients with care. “We’ve developed many meaningful, long-term relationships with clients, and we place immense value on these,” explains Tara. “The work that inspires us the most is work that will somehow make the world a better place – whether it’s for a human rights-centred foundation, an educational institution or a tourism organisation that is creating jobs and inspiring people to visit Southern Africa.” They’ve been able to stay true to these values, even while growing to a three-city company. “
We care more about names than we do about titles; we care more about impact than we do about awards, and we care more about people than we do about profits,” says Tara.

A network of female entrepreneurs

The success of Flow is really a story of teamwork. They are a proudly Level 2 B-BBEE contributor, with a focus on employment equity, diversity and partner development. “Our chairman, Bheki Shongwe, has contributed his experience in corporate life to ensure our corporate responsibility and our business strategy is excellent,” explains Tara. “Tiffany Turkington-Palmer, our managing director, is in charge of operations, and her experience, compassion and intelligence ensure Flow stays at the top of the communications and marketing game. Our staff is loyal and experienced at working together. Flow’s first employees were myself and Richard Frank – Richard is now a director and head of digital at Flow.”

This spirit of teamwork carries through to networking. “A good network is a huge help whenever you need advice,” Tara says. Flow is a certified women-owned business and belongs to WEConnect International, a network of women entrepreneurs, and to the Women Presidents Organization, which also supports women in business.

A digital showcase

An essential part of a well-networked business is a website. “Our website allows us to showcase our work, our knowledge and our contribution to society, as well as to connect with new clients,” explains Tara. “We’ve been working with xneelo for nearly all the 14 years we’ve been in business and we host well over 100 websites with xneelo. Xneelo has a great reputation for reliability and friendly, professional service.”

“We have enjoyed a great relationship with xneelo, which we believe is the best hosting service provider in South Africa. We look forward to many more years of working together.”

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