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Managed Server + Self-Managed Server
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Creative Digital Agency

BIGBrave is a digital company who solve human problems with digital solutions by creating engaging experiences that matter.

“We help our clients see that what seems like a leap of faith in entering the digital space is actually the next logical step. We invite our clients to be brave and go big with us, to realise that there are more solutions than problems and that we are here to help them on their journey.”

Crafting the right journey for each client

“We don’t offer clients ‘off the shelf’ solutions,” explains Francois Brill, Executive Creative Director of BIGBrave. “Each and every customer goes on the BIGBrave journey with us. First, we go through a discovery phase to gauge what approach best fits our clients. We have what we call an ‘Insights Workshop’ to help this process so that we don’t start off running in the wrong direction. Once we have the needed clarity and insight, the project naturally progresses to the next phase, where we actually create the digital solutions. It’s not a linear process: we often create rapid prototypes to test ideas and discover new solutions. It remains a journey and we walk it every step of the way with our clients. Xneelo has been a great hosting partner that provides us with the flexibility to move fast in the digital space.”

Flexibility and reliability

Because each project is different, and all solutions are created from the ground up, with everything from websites to enterprise platforms, touch screen and digital signage, BIGBrave has varying server needs. “We’ve used other hosts before, but nothing really offered the reliability that xneelo gives us,” Francois explains. “We have various dedicated servers with xneelo that come with the comfort of knowing xneelo is taking care of all the hardware and updates.  We just have to worry about our part, creating amazing digital experiences for our clients.

This reliability goes hand-in-hand with the flexibility needed to bring clients’ visions to life while ensuring the best stable production environment. “When we’ve had jobs in the past that need additional flexibility from a server perspective, we’ve used the Self-Managed Server offering from xneelo to be in complete control of the server. It allows us to easily spin up all the environments we need on the same server,” says Francois. “It’s great knowing xneelo offers all the options that can be customised to your project’s needs.”

“I’ve learned a lot from the xneelo support team – they’ve always gone the extra mile to assist us with our requests. They walk the client journey with us.”