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How a digital agency aims to make the internet a better place

February 11, 2019

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Woww is a digital agency that specialises in WordPress web design. They build beautiful websites, offer affordable, quality web services and help to grow traffic and convert visitors for their clients. “We take a holistic approach when building an online presence,” explains Felix Norton, Managing Director of Woww. “We ensure that all the digital bases are covered. It’s not just web design, or SEO, or Facebook marketing. Everything is connected and we provide the links.”

Affordable websites that wow

A big part of this is creating value for their clients. “By focusing on the optimization of our tools and development processes, we’re able to offer web design and digital marketing services that are not only affordable, but also hold up to and exceed industry standards,” says Felix. “Our digital agency aims to make the internet a better place. We create amazing user experiences and delight our clients. We want people to look at our websites and say: Wow.”

A small but dedicated team of eight service over 100 happy clients. “I’ve learnt the value of finding good people,” Felix says. “Working with the right people has made work more enjoyable, easier and exciting – everyone brings something special to the table.”

A website at the heart of the business

The Woww team poured a lot of time, skill and energy into their website. “Our website is the heart of our business,” he explains. “It allows our clients to find us, it communicates what we do, who we are and how we’ll be able to help them.” A long-time customer of xneelo, Felix built his first website for his dad while he was still at university. “My dad introduced me to xneelo because he was a customer – I found it the easiest to use at the time and I’ve never looked back,” he says.

Woww uses the Volume Plan from xneelo, which lets them expand their customer base without additional hosting costs. “It works for us because it allows us to easily deploy and scale as many websites as we need. For more power-hungry sites, we aim to use dedicated servers for extra performance.”

“As a web design company, we have to work with lots of different hosts at our clients’ request. It’s always a celebration at the office if we can convince them to move over to xneelo because it genuinely makes our lives that much easier. The great support and reliable servers allow our websites to thrive.”“We’re excited to grow with xneelo as they continue to push the boundaries of South African hosting: no one else comes close.”