How a digital marketing agency helps brands move forward

March 29, 2022

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Pixel Perfect

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Digital Marketing and Web Development


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Inspired by the success of their customers, Pixel Perfect focuses on customer centricity to transform brands and grow businesses.

From humble beginnings

Thirteen years ago, Pixel Perfect started a small home office agency. Today, this well-established digital marketing agency is supported by a full creative team with offices in Somerset West.

A customer-centric approach

“We’re a one-of-a-kind digital agency, focusing on a wide variety of exceptional service and product offerings, fully believing that customer-centricity is key to success,” says CEO, Thinus du Plessis.

A quick glance at their testimonials page reinforces this client-first philosophy. They believe in helping their customers achieve a successful outcome that paves the way to a bright, lucrative future.

Moving businesses forward

Pixel Perfect offers design, online marketing services, and custom web development (among many other specialised services), backed by innovative technology solutions. “Our core purpose is to develop businesses, starting with their overall look and feel, their corporate identity, graphics and website,” explains Thinus. 

Their goal is to create and maintain brand reputations across South Africa. To do this, they infuse fresh, unique elements into every brand’s look and feel, refine design along the way, and optimise marketing channels.

A doorway to customer excellence

Pixel Perfect has been with xneelo since 2008. “Our website is a point of referral and an open door for customers to use our products and services. It showcases and explains more about who we are and why we’re unique,” says Thinus.

“We have a professional relationship with xneelo and we rest assured knowing that we have key people who can be contacted in order to make something happen if the need arises.”

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