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“Fix Forward gives people access to great service in an industry where standards are shockingly low. Not only does the quality blow people away, but they get to be a part of contributing towards positive social change.”

Filling a necessary gap

Fix Forward is a social enterprise that connects highly skilled contractors without websites to clients looking for guaranteed good work. “The organisation was founded in 2012 after I helped my friend Simon, a contractor from Diepsloot township,” explains Joshua Cox, founder and CEO of Fix Forward. “A simple reference letter and business cards really helped him grow his business. I felt inspired to do the same for other people like Simon.” Since then, Fix Forward has serviced more than 5000 happy clients and trained more than 250 contractors.

Fix Forward trades in the home and office renovation industry, but they operate as a non-profit social enterprise. “We love being in business, but the engine that drives us is the positive impact we have on our contractors’ lives, and the bridges we help build between them and our customers,” says Joshua. 

Empowering contractors to thrive

As well as connecting contractors to new jobs, Fix Forward works with their carefully chosen team of contractors to empower them. This is through a series of practical, small group workshops to help grow their business, monthly professional coaching and an experienced business mentor.

A website to create impact

“Our heart for people and our mission is what separates us,” explains Joshua. “We are genuinely focused on adding value and creating an impact first. The money comes second.” Their website is the Fix Forward shopfront. “It is the company in many ways. The first donation we got we used to build a website,” says Josh. Fix Forward have been with xneelo since day one. 

“Our web developers recommended xneelo and we’ve never used another hosting service. The service has always been great, and we’ve never had any hosting issues in the 8 years we’ve been operating. Our relationship with xneelo feels very personal. I love how easy it is to chat to a person and I can’t think of a time where I’ve asked for help and my problem couldn’t be resolved.”