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Roodebloem Studios
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Photography and event studio

“We create a wonderful space for people to work in. People love working at our studios and that makes us happy.”

Jan Verboom is a successful lifestyle and TVC stills photographer in Cape Town (as his beautiful photography website illustrates). But he’s also the co-owner of Roodebloem Studios: 10 unique spaces in Woodstock, Cape Town, that he rents out as photographic and film studios, as well as for events and weddings.  

One of Africa’s finest venue rental studios

“The seed was planted in 1996 when I was looking for a photographic studio after having been a photographer with the Ogilvy group,” explains Jan. “After finding a studio in Woodstock, and loving the area, I decided to expand many years later. In 2008, I renovated a neighbouring property which we also turned into studios.”

Roodebloem Studios is now known as one of Africa’s finest venue rental studios. They have a strong focus on their customers and on being exceptional service providers. “We strive to give what people want,” says Jan. “It sounds simple, but when you do it well it’s very effective.”

Inspiring potential customers

Having a website that answers questions and inspires potential customers is an important element of this service. “Our website is an essential part of our business,” says Jan. “Being connected to fibre has changed everything for us because it allows us to showcase the diversity we offer. Now we can post galleries and pictures with ease – and really illustrate the variety of ways our studios can be used.”

An xneelo customer since 2017, Jan was very impressed when he visited the xneelo data centre whilst doing a shoot, and switched over immediately.

“I’d almost say our relationship with xneelo is a non-relationship: we never speak to each other, only because we never have problems.”