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Love Wild Africa is photographer and writer Scott Ramsay’s website – and life work. He publishes photographs, blogs and articles and sells his book South Africa’s Wildest Places online. “My core purpose is to stand up – and speak up – for African wilderness,” he explains. “My work is a reflection of my love and respect for the African wilderness. So when I do work for clients – safari companies and non-profit conservation organisations – they’re not only receiving my photography and writing, but also a bit of my heart and soul.”

Exploring Africa’s wilderness

Fifteen years ago, Scott decided to quit the corporate world and explore Africa’s wilderness, by working for himself as a photographer and writer. “I’ve learnt that it’s a long and lonely road at times, so it’s important not to give up, because the rewards of persistence are definitely worth it,” he says. “Staying focused on your true purpose is so important: it’s what sustains you through the dark times, not money, social acceptance or public recognition.”

Reconnecting with the wild

The goal of Love Wild Africa is to inspire people to reconnect with wild places and animals again. “I try to introduce a small shift in perspective,” explains Scott. “A reminder that we aren’t the most important species on the planet, we’re just one of many millions of important species. Our human needs aren’t paramount, and ironically, if we consider first the needs of the rest of nature, our own needs will take care of themselves. When we immerse ourselves in pristine nature, we can possibly redefine our notions of what it means to be a successful human being. We can step off our self-important pedestal and realise how fortunate most of us are to be alive on this tiny, wondrous planet.” Scott’s vehicle for sharing this message is his website.

“Since I started hosting with Hetzner in 2011, I’ve always had someone to talk to about my website and hosting. They’re my longest-standing corporate partner, and have been there with me from the start. And they’re really nice people who I can trust.”