How an e-commerce site makes their customers smile

October 20, 2018

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OneDayOnly is a 24-hour e-commerce site where deals are available for one day, only. They sell a range of electronics, gadgets, cosmetics and sport and lifestyle items at the lowest price in South Africa, with limited stock for a limited time. In their own words: “We get hold of a product, slash its price and then offer it for OneDayOnly. You’ve got 24 hours to take advantage of our generosity and then the deal is gone forever. Sad, but true.”

Start-up success

OneDayOnly started in 2010 as a 100% self-funded start-up. The two founders set up shop in Johannesburg and Cape Town to handle the dispatches. They now have a dedicated head office in Cape Town, including a team of buyers who liaise with international brands every day to secure more deals.

“OneDayOnly offers our customers all the things they want to buy at a fraction of the cost they’d normally pay. We make the world a better place by simultaneously putting smiles on their faces and saving them money.”

Big brand personality

“What makes OneDayOnly special? The people. What makes it unique? The fact that our deals are only ever available for one day – miss it and miss out. That, and the prices are unbeatable,” says Stefan Coetzer, IT Manager. “A big part of the company’s success is that we have such an entertaining brand personality, so there’s a reason to visit every day.”

Resilient hosting

With such a refreshing brand identity and so many great deals, it’s no wonder OneDayOnly is such a success.  With a rapidly growing nationwide audience and time-sensitive sales window, their hosting requirement focused on a solution that could withstand surges of high traffic volume, alongside a resilient technical backbone.


“Our website is our company. So we chose our hosting partner carefully… We started making use of xneelo’s services in 2012, because of the reputation they already had at the time. We’ve been with them from the start, and we have no intention of leaving.”

Photography: Mike Rose

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