HTTP/2 is the significant upgrade of the HTTP protocol, used by almost 50% of the top websites on the Internet.  All of xneelo’s servers are now HTTP/2 ready – ensuring our customers can enjoy improved site loading speed and better security. No action is required from our customers to benefit from this update. 

Improved speed

HTTP/2 results in a faster response time and an improved browsing experience as it uses multiplexing, a method that allows multiple requests to run simultaneously. This is an improvement on HTTP/1.1 where each request would need to complete before another could be submitted. This improved method of handling requests results in a better browsing experience which also has SEO benefits for your website (due to faster site load time). 

Better user experience

HTTP/2 delivers a better user experience for visitors that are browsing your website on a mobile device:  HTTP/2 is able to handle an increased number of requests and doesn’t waste unnecessary bandwidth on downloading the site header with its improved header compression capabilities. 

Better security

HTTP/2 can only be leveraged with SSL. If a site is not SSL secure, the browser will default to using HTTP/1.1 and not HTTP/2. Fortunately, all of xneelo’s Web Hosting packages include a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate. 

In order to enjoy the benefits of HTTP/2, visitors to your website need to make use of one of the major browsers (from 2016 onwards) as the browser dictates whether or not it uses HTTP/1.1 or HTTP/2.  Browsers not yet using HTTP/2 can still communicate with HTTP/2 powered servers without a problem as servers are still able to fall back to HTTP/1.1. 

All of xneelo’s servers are currently running HTTP/2, ensuring your site runs smoothly and efficiently.