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More web hosting features available in the xneelo Control Panel

November 29, 2022

Our team has been working hard to add even more convenience, accessibility and functionality to the xneelo Control Panel. If you are a web hosting customer, here are some of the new features you can enjoy right now. 

Restore Backup

The new Restore Backup feature in the xneelo Control Panel provides access to backed-up files and databases for a specific website, allowing you to reset the content to a previous state directly from your control panel. This ensures your website recovers quickly after an unplanned event. 

You can restore previous versions of both web content and databases, and trigger multiple database restores at the same time.

What’s new?

You will receive real-time notifications when the restore has been completed – no more waiting on the restore tool before being able to do something else in the control panel!

This feature also has an improved success rate of restores completed compared to the previous tool. 


You now have access to the popular phpMyAdmin application from the Manage MySQL tool to handle the administration of databases from within your control panel. 

For developers, this means the added convenience of managing databases, tables, indexes, permissions and more with your control panel – available on any device at any location. Perfect for this time of year when team members may be away from the office or holidaying in remote locations.  

CDN now available

Xneelo is collaborating with Fastly to bring website loading times on par with some of the world’s largest brands to web hosting customers. With the convenience of the xneelo control panel, you can add CDN to your domain instantly with the click of a button. No configuration needed.

What are the benefits of CDN?

  • Improved performance of your website
  • Faster page loading times
  • Extra security provided by Fastly’s secure network
  • Improved reliability by caching your content and serving when hosting services are interrupted

Add CDN to your web hosting plan for only R29 a month per domain and receive the benefits and features a CDN affords. 

Read more about how CDN improves page load times here. 

These features are the latest enhancements to the xneelo Control Panel. To see the full list of what is available, click here. 

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