We built the DNS tool as part of our new control panel. It allows customers to manage their DNS records either via a basic UI interface or using a more advanced zone file interface. We’ve recently updated a few features that will improve your experience:

Add an AAAA record via the import zone feature

The AAAA record is the IPv6 DNS record. Via this new DNS record, customers can point to infrastructure that supports IPv6, the latest version of the IP protocol, developed to address the problem of the lack of availability of IPv4 addresses.

Improved error reporting for import zones

We know that DNS records are an essential part of your hosting setup, and that import errors could cause issues. That’s why we’ve improved error reporting for import zones: introducing more stringent error checks to ensure invalid records cannot be imported. Validating DNS records before importing them ensures you won’t be dealing with a website that’s down or email that suddenly stops working.

Ability to change global TTL via zone import functionality

In the previous version of the DNS tool, it was only possible to set the TTL one record at a time, but with the new update it’s now possible to set the TTL via the zone (import) file. This means you can set the TTL on multiple records at one time, increasing your efficiency.

Updated default zone and mail templates

We’ve updated the default zone and mail templates to include the Hetzner SPF record -- this helps to prevent spammers from sending messages using fake or forged ‘From’ email addresses. We’ve updated these zone template files to contain the DNS records for the default Hetzner mail and web setup, so that you don’t have to add these manually. This not only reduces the risk of your email address being flagged as spam, but also reduces the risk of spammers spoofing your email address.


Access for Self-Managed Customers

While the DNS tool used to be available to Web Hosting and Managed Server customers, it has now been made available to Self-Managed Server customers as well.

Our new control panel team is dedicated to working with Hetzner customers to find solutions to frustrations. Many of the lessons learned from previous usability tests have led to these changes in the DNS tool, with the result being a consistent look, feel and experience. As for the reaction to our new DNS tool? So far: positive. Alfred Heidt (the owner of AlignIT) reported that he really likes the new DNS tool as “the Office365 templates made the task go from 15 minutes to 1 minute.” That’s the kind of feedback we love to hear!