PHP 7.4 – Better security, user experience and site performance

PHP is constantly releasing updated versions that bring with them better security and improved performance. The latest release is PHP 7.4, which is the last version update before the launch of PHP 8.

PHP 7.4 brings with it a marked improvement in website performance and user experience. Existing customers can upgrade to PHP 7.4 at any time, using the PHP Config tool in konsoleH. It is always good practice to upgrade as newer versions become available to ensure the latest security and performance benefits are active on your website. Remember to always check your website after upgrading your PHP version. 

To save new customers the trouble of manually upgrading, all new Web Hosting packages will be set up on PHP 7.4 by default. 

Some of the PHP7.4 improvements include: 

  • Arrow functions that make it easier to write shorter code in PHP
  • Typed properties that help clean up your code / reduce unnecessary code
  • WeakReferences for retaining a reference 
  • Preloading – server uploads PHP files and keeps them cached in its memory until they are requested
  • Syntax additions and fixes

You can read all about the new features in detail here

The latest version of PHP should increase the performance of your website and will make writing cleaner code easier and faster. We encourage our customers to take advantage of these benefits – for you and your website visitors.

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