Supporting the future leaders of Frontend Development

July 19, 2021

It’s no secret, xneelo is passionate about helping small businesses grow online. That’s why, we’ve partnered with CodeSpace, a global education institution that specialises in teaching coding and technology skills, to help the future leaders of tech. We’re sponsoring the tuition of three students to complete the Frontend Web Development course, offered by CodeSpace. 

In addition, we’re providing 20 Small Business Enablement packs to CodeSpace students. These packs include:

Let’s meet the scholarship winners

Jabulani Ngwenyama

Currently, Jabulani runs a business that offers web development and web hosting. It also sells domains, implements SEO and assists with company registrations. “I want to learn to code because I enjoy it. I enjoy the mental challenge of creating algorithms and using code to solve problems or to create something.”

Luyanda Mwanza

Luyanda currently works as an independent UX Designer, helping companies bring their digital solutions to life. “Learning Frontend coding will help me expand my market offering and will allow me to scale my business and take on bigger projects.” 

Osvaldo Museta 

Osvaldo works as a Digital Solutions Specialist, helping companies craft and build their online presence. “To date, I’ve had to rely on YouTube tutorials and Online Learning Platforms to advance my skills, due to financial struggles.”

Osvaldo would describe himself as a digital enthusiast and a creative thinker. “I love seeing how design and technology marry so well together. This course will help me take on bigger projects and will help build credibility for my business.”

Xneelo is honoured to provide Luyanda, Osvaldo and Jabulani with the opportunity to access CodeSpace’s world-class online learning portal. We will also be offering them each a year’s worth of free hosting.  

Along with CodeSpace, we’re trying to create a space for the future leaders of business and tech to create – and innovate – online.

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