Unlimited traffic for Self-Managed Servers and product price increases

January 11, 2021

We’re pleased to announce that we have removed the traffic quotas for all our Self-Managed Servers. This relates to both our existing and new customers, with the change taking effect from 1 January 2021. We’ve also reduced our traffic charges from 60c per GB to 20c per GB.  

New pricing for Self-Managed Servers 

Our significant investment over the last decade into the resilience and high availability of our business-grade data centres, as well as our network and server infrastructure, has necessitated a price adjustment. 

Before any changes are made in our business – particularly where it impacts our customers – we consider carefully the relationship between cost and value. Your business needs and evolving requirements, catering for a fair price, is our priority. 

While we haven’t increased our pricing over the years, currency fluctuations, particularly against the US Dollar, makes the pricing adjustment an inevitable reality.

Self-Managed Servers : 

Product Current Price New Price Current Quota  New Quota
Truserv R995 R1195 2TB Unlimited
Truserv Plus R1595 R1695 4TB Unlimited
Truserv Commerce R2595 R2895 6TB Unlimited 

These changes will apply to all Self-Managed Server hardware add-ons as well (effective from 1 February 2021).

With every change we make, we endeavour to provide you with a hosting service you can trust and a platform that enables you to create your future. 

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