Updates to Managed WordPress

December 13, 2021

Our latest update to Managed WordPress features key enhancements for creating and managing your WordPress website.

Import a starter website from WordPress

Our professionally designed WordPress starter sites were built using the Gutenberg editor and include demo content to help you build your website quickly. 

When importing a new starter site, you also have the option to exclude demo content, perform a clean install and install a child theme. Our theme and plugins will automatically install for your convenience. 

Use SFTP to manage your WordPress files 

You can now use SFTP (Secure FTP) to upload and manage your WordPress files. Using SFTP makes it easier to upload large files and install custom themes and plugins.

Design a professional website with ease

Our free theme was built to work with the Gutenberg block editor and includes a collection of custom content blocks to help you build a professional website. Our theme is also fully compatible with the default block library included with WordPress.

Our recent theme update also includes new footer layout options, allowing you to change the number of columns in the footer, place widgets and add social media icons.

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