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Using the Café Starter Site for your restaurant business

May 5, 2023

Having an online presence is essential for any business, including restaurants. A website for a restaurant, café or other type of eatery allows customers to find and learn more about the restaurant, its menu, location, hours of operation, and contact information. It may also offer the convenience of allowing customers to make reservations, order food for pickup or delivery, and see current promotions.

WordPress is a great option for busy restaurants that receive a lot of bookings or change their menus seasonally, as it’s flexible and easy to use and update in a pinch. 

Managed WordPress Hosting takes this ease and convenience one step further, by combining key WordPress features with the benefits of web hosting. One feature in particular that sets Managed WordPress Hosting apart is the range of beautifully designed Starter Sites that make creating a website absolutely effortless.

In this post we’ll take you through the Café Starter Site, perfect for coffee shops, eateries, and restaurants.

What does the Café Starter Site offer?

Starter Sites are pre-built themes that help you create a website quickly, without having to start from scratch. They typically include a ready-made design, layout, and content placeholders you can easily replace with your own.

Designed for dining

The Café Starter Site is a visually-rich design and clean design, with a focus on white space to bring out the interactive visual elements that perfectly capture the ambiance of your restaurant.

Ready-to-use pages

The Starter Site, which was designed with culinary businesses in mind, includes a selection of pre-designed pages, including About, Contact Us, News, and Product pages, ready for you to drop in your own images and text. You will see that all images zoom-in slightly when hovered over, allowing you to show off your menu items in the very best way.

Effortless navigation

The home page is packed full of content blocks and placeholder images laid out according to the importance of the information you want to share with customers. This provides the best user experience possible for time-crunched customers looking for the most relevant information quickly.

Your call-to-action button will always be up front to ensure your customers are able to navigate exactly where you’d like them to go. Scroll down for bite-sized snippets of text and beautiful images – perfect to keep your visitor’s attention and focus, while still being able to communicate key information about your business.

Easy to customise

This is followed by links out to your Contact Page, News page, and social media icons. All these elements are simply placeholders, and you can customise any element with very little effort at all using the WordPress Block editor. 

Type of websites 

The WordPress Café Starter Site is a versatile template that can be adapted to fit the needs of different types of websites including:

  • Restaurant websites
  • Small eatery café websites
  • Home business and bakery websites
  • Food delivery websites

A website is a powerful marketing tool for restaurants that can showcase your menu, specials, promotions, events, and photos of the food, ambiance, and decor. This can help attract new customers and encourage repeat business.

Here are our recommendations for must-have pages to include on your website, regardless of which one you go for. 

Why your restaurant needs Managed WordPress Hosting?

Managed WordPress Hosting combines the usability and flexibility of WordPress with the benefits of web hosting. Use Starter Sites to create your professional, fully-functional website quickly, then test it out on your free staging environment to make sure all processes are in 100% working order and to preview new pages and promotions before going live. You have access to WordPress 101 training videos, as well as our Help Centre, Insights blog, and support team to help you every step of the way.

As for your hosting, you’ll have complete peace of mind knowing your website is backed by security features, 99.9% network uptime, and daily backups.

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