Why am I charged a domain transfer fee?

While xneelo does not charge a fee to transfer domains to us, our chosen registrar, Tucows, charges a domain renewal fee to transfer domains to them.  This applies to all domains except .co.za and .org.za.

Even if your domain is not due for renewal at the time of transferring to xneelo (and therefore Tucows), you will be charged a yearly domain renewal fee, and your domain renewal period will be extended accordingly. This fee is charged on successful transfer of the domain and not at the time of placing your order.

For example, if your domain renewal is paid up for the following year when transferring to xneelo, you will be charged a Tucows yearly domain renewal fee on successful transfer. Your next domain renewal will then be due in 2 years time.  

This item will appear on your invoice as: Domain transfer fee Tucows.