Why can’t I activate CDN and Cloudbric WAF at the same time?

As both Cloudbric WAF and CDN (content delivery network) require the website DNS to point to an alternative IP, it is not possible to have both of these features on the same Web Hosting package at the same time. 

What’s the difference between CDN and Cloudbric WAF?

Cloudbric WAF is a security service that provides comprehensive protection against website attacks and vulnerabilities. 

A CDN is a group of geographically distributed and interconnected servers that speeds up webpage loading for data-heavy applications.

Choosing a different service

If you have one of these services active on a Web Hosting package and would like to cancel it in favour of the other, you may achieve this via the xneelo Control Panel

To cancel Cloudbric WAF and order CDN, please follow the steps in the below Help Centre articles:

How to cancel Cloudbric WAF

How to add CDN

Note: After Cloudbric WAF has been deactivated, please wait for DNS to propagate before adding CDN to your domain.

The following guides will assist you if you would like to cancel CDN and add Cloudbric WAF instead:

How to cancel CDN

How to add Cloudbric WAF