What is DNSSEC?

Every website has an IP address – a long identification number that computers use to find a website. Long numbers are hard for people to remember, so websites also have domain names. A special system, the Domain Name System(DNS), translates these names into numbers.

Unfortunately, it’s possible to interfere with this system. Wrongdoers and hackers can misdirect people trying to reach your site, or they can even intercept your mail. DNS Security Extensions, commonly known as DNSSEC, help prevent this from happening by authenticating DNS response data. DNSSEC provides an extra level of security as the web browser checks to ensure the DNS information is correct and was not modified. 

How does DNSSEC work?

DNSSEC uses cryptographic signatures that detect false information. It secures DNS lookups by accessing your DNS records using public keys. When DNSSEC is enabled, your browser can detect a malicious response. As the attackers do not have the private key used to sign in to the legitimate DNS records, they can no longer pass off the forgery.

Currently, xneelo does not support DNSSEC.

Note: Let’s Encrypt TSL/SSL certificates are included and pre-installed on all xneelo hosting packages.