Before messages reach konsoleH or Spamassasin filtering they are passed through Zen Spamhaus blocklists. Mails originating from IP addresses that have been blacklisted on Spamhaus will be rejected before arriving on our hosting servers.

With konsoleH’s Spam Filter tool it is possible to classify spam messages before they hit your inbox.

All incoming email messages are automatically scanned to determine if the message meets specially defined spam criteria. konsoleH’s Spam Filter is built around a set of spam rules that have been carefully developed to provide you protection from spam while reducing the number of valid email messages that may be mistakenly categorised as spam, otherwise known as ‘False Positives’.

All incoming emails are evaluated against these spam rules and are assigned a ‘spam score’. This score determines whether the message will be classified as spam. For our standard filtering, the threshold is set at 5, meaning any message with a score of 5 or higher is classified as spam and is sent straight to the spambucket. You will need to make use of konsoleH’s Webmail facility to access your spam bucket.

Once enabled, this intuitive Spam Filter can combat spam across all your mailboxes.

If you find that mail from specific addresses is incorrectly being marked as spam (known as a ‘false positive’, you can whitelist this address to ensure that it bypasses the spam filter. Similarly, you can specify that certain addresses are always sent to the spambucket by blacklisting these addresses. See Whitelist and blacklist email tools to find out how.

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