What can I do if my mail program doesn’t work properly with an SMTP Authentication set-up?

If you’re accessing your xneelo account through an ISP, you can use their SMTP server for sending mail rather than using our server. You would still retrieve your mail using POP3 from our server, but any outgoing mail would be sent through your dialup provider’s mail server. This bypasses any authentication restrictions.

You’ll need to know the address of your ISP’s SMTP server (usually mail.your-isp.com). Find the option in your mail client where you can set the SMTP or outgoing mail server name and change it. Be careful not to change the POP3 or incoming mail server name as this would prevent you from being able to retrieve your xneelo account’s mail.

If you need any assistance with this step, you are welcome to contact us or ask your dial-up provider how to configure your mail client to use their SMTP server.