What, besides using the spam filter, can I do to reduce the amount of spam email I get?

Tips for reducing spam:

  • Never click on an unsubscribe link on a spam email. That only serves to confirm that someone actually reads the spam they send you and they will then sell your email address to other spammers.
  • If your email address is on your website, you might want to change to using a form mailer for contact. Spammers harvest email addresses using a spider program. The spider searches websites and gathers any email address it can find.
  • If you participate in newsgroups, do not use your email address in the “reply to” field of your newsreader. Again, spammers harvest these groups for valid email addresses.
  • Consider blacklisting the email address. This will result in the mail being rejected before it gets to your mailbox and it will be permanently deleted.
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