Data Centre Access for Colocation customers

Unattended access to your colocation rack allows you to visit your rack at any time, unencumbered. Such access is permitted to individuals who have previously been verified for biometric access. Security is provided through closed circuit television that is monitored by security staff 24×7.

Directions to our Data Centres

Samrand: View in Google Maps

Cape Town: View in Google Maps

How to arrange biometric access

An appointment is required for your first visit to our Data Centre Park in order for your details to be enrolled in the access control system and for your credentials to be verified. Appointments can be scheduled between 6 am to 6 pm weekdays. Non-critical appointments should be booked 24 hours in advance.

Only Authoritative contacts, not Technical contacts, may request 3rd party contractor access.

Please email our Dedicated team to request a booking,  providing these details:

Full Names and ID
Date and time of visit
Vehicle registration number
Company Name
Rack Location/s (eg: J1/2-2)
Customer Number
Type of Access – Permanent or Temporary (if Temp, which dates should apply)

  • At your first visit, credentials and access permission will be verified by our staff. An ID or driver’s license is required.
  • Once verified as a registered Technical Point of Contact (TPOC), Account Owner or Authoritative Contact, the person’s details are loaded onto the biometric access control system.

Unattended access

  • When registered on our biometric access control system, 24×7 access to the main access gate and data centre reception area is provided.

  • To gain access to the hosting space, the visitor needs to enter their ID number and accept the T&Cs provided on the touch screen situated in the reception area. Once the visitor has been verified by the system, access will be granted to the hosting area and applicable hosting pod where the rack is located.

  • Only one person at a time will be allowed access into the entrance mantrap, to prevent tailgating into the hosting space.

  • Each pod entrance is also equipped with a biometric reader at which point the visitor will have to authenticate themselves again.

  • Each rack is equipped with a combination lock which only the visitor will know.

How to bring equipment into the Data Centre

An appointment must be arranged before bringing large quantities of equipment into the data centre, as equipment will be taken through the back data centre entrance. Access credentials will still be verified for this purpose and only verified visitors will be allowed access into the facility.

Only Authoritative contacts, not Technical contacts, may request access for 3rd party contractors.