How much disk space can I use on my Managed Server?

If I order a Managed Server with 500 GB drives, will I be able to use all 500 GB of data?

No, you will be able to use approximately 385 GB (of 500 GB) worth of space. 

Why can’t I use the full amount of disk space?

A portion of this disk space is reserved for the operating system, log files, and the expansion of file systems that need to grow quickly. This ensures the security, flexibility, and maximum uptime of your server.

How much actual disk space can I  use?

This table highlights how much disk space is available to use per Managed Server product.

Managed Options

Disk Space Actual Usable Disk Space (+/-)
Managed 500 GB 385 GB
Managed Plus 1 TB 830 GB
Managed Commerce 1 TB 830 GB
Managed DE 500 GB 385 GB