How to update your nameservers

Nameservers can’t be updated via konsoleH, however, our Contact Centre can make the updates on your behalf.

Note: Updating the nameservers for your domain away from xneelo means that we will have no control over relevant aspects of your website or email.  

Whilst we are able to make these changes to the authoritative name servers for your domain, we recommend rather using  DNS pointing or redirects (where applicable), which are set up via konsoleH.

By keeping the administration of your domain and web hosting services with us,  we can ensure dependable hosting services for your business.

If updates to your nameservers are needed, please send a request to We’ll guide you on how to ensure a seamless transition.

Changes made to DNS records do not propagate throughout the Internet immediately, as all server caches first need to expire and refresh, which typically takes 24 to 72 hours.

Before requesting a name server update, you should be sure that the nameservers have been set up/configured correctly by the new host.