A look under the hood of the new xneelo Control Panel

June 7, 2022

The new xneelo Control Panel offers a convenient way for you to manage your accounts safely, quickly, and simply, on the device of your choice. 

We asked our product team to take us through what went into the making of the new control panel, from design thinking and user experience, to how our customers inspired the final product.

A new way to experience xneelo

The new xneelo Control Panel is a modern interface informed by you – our customers’ needs. Extensive engagement and user testing took place to ensure it offers the value and convenience you expect. 

“We did extensive usability and beta testing with customers to identify common patterns in the feedback and action the recommended improvements,” explains xneelo product manager Jana Wepener. “We wanted to create a refreshed, simple and easy-to-use experience for our customers.”

Instead of adding new functionality to konsoleH, Jana explains that the team decided to build a new control panel from the ground up in order to create a whole new experience for our customers. 

The result is a high-performance control panel that offers a safe and consistent experience across multiple devices and screen sizes, built in line with the latest technology. 

Inspired by and designed for customers

It looks fantastic, but how does it drive?

The Experience Design team considered the full spectrum of customers who would engage with the xneelo Control Panel and the challenges they might encounter. They then used these learnings to remove unnecessary clutter and simplify the experience, so that you can focus on important tasks quickly without being reliant on support. 

This was achieved by optimising work flows and presenting the relevant information at the most appropriate time instead of overwhelming users with too many options.

“User research and design thinking were integral to the success of the project, and continues to be essential to the evolution of the control panel as our customers’ needs evolve,” explains xneelo UI lead Kweku Bennin. “Taking an iterative approach helps us to listen to our users and make improvements as we go along.”

“It is in our DNA to be customer centric, and a control panel that enables customers to thrive is at the heart of what we do,” he concludes.

New features available in the xneelo Control Panel

The xneelo Control Panel offers full administrative access from one single location, across all major devices, with added security measures in place for peace of mind. Two-factor authentication provides an additional level of security.

New features include Collaborators, which allows you to assign user access, and Account Switcher, which lets you switch between accounts with ease.

See the full list of what is available and what is still to come in the xneelo Control Panel. 

The xneelo Control Panel is available to all new and existing xneelo customers. Find out more about this exciting new control panel here.

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