As part of continuous improvements to our control panel, we are releasing new tools in increments. Our latest tool, the FTP Users tool, has been released to customers with its first feature: the password reset functionality. We’ll be adding the ability to create and manage additional FTP accounts soon.

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a popular way of uploading your files to the server. In order to do so, authorisation access rights are assigned to users in the form of FTP accounts.  Having a secure password is an essential part of managing your FTP account. 

This tool makes creating a secure password for your primary FTP account quick and easy. 

Password validation rules

It’s not always easy to create a secure password, especially if you’re pressed for time. As you type, the new tool will let you know if your password is strong enough, with real-time password validation rules guiding you. Remember that password length is important as it adds complexity.

Auto-generated secure password

If you prefer not to create your own password, simply select the option to auto-generate a secure password. Remember to keep a record of your password, once it’s been reset. For security reasons, we don’t keep a copy of any passwords. 

The FTP Users tool has been designed with you in mind: empowering you to create and interact online. If you have any feedback on this tool in our new xneelo control panel, we’d like to hear from you.