How to store your passwords securely

Passwords should not be saved in plain text on your computer. Unprotected passwords can be tracked down by hackers, so consider using a password protection app like 1Password or Dashlane, which allows you to store all your vital information in a central, encrypted space.

Create strong passwords

It’s best to ensure that passwords contain a minimum of 11 characters, with at least one uppercase letter and one number for added resilience. Password apps, such as those mentioned above, provide strong passwords which don’t have to be memorised.

While it may be more convenient to use the same password across numerous services, this can put you at serious risk. Hackers will try the email and password combination from leaked databases on other services. Services like HaveIBeenPawnd allow you to check if your data has been involved in any security breaches. If you find your details on these services, you should change your passwords immediately.