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Managed Server updates in the xneelo Control Panel

April 30, 2022

As a Managed Server customer, your focus should be on your business’s websites, and ours is taking care of your server needs. That’s why we’re working  to make your experience as smooth as possible. 

If you have created Web Hosting packages on your Managed Server, here are some of the features you can access directly from the xneelo Control Panel.

Update your details quickly   

Update your payment details and switch your account’s payment method between cash/EFT and debit order with ease. 

Easy team access with Collaborators

Our new Collaborators feature lets you invite co-workers or clients to access your account. They can also invite you to collaborate on their account(s). Each collaborator role has its own permissions and separate login details, providing more security for your account.

Instant access to Web Hosting tools

Use the PHP Config tool to change certain PHP variables. With the built-in Compatibility Checker, you can test your website’s compatibility for allowed PHP versions, and download a report providing insights into any incompatibilities.

The Custom Error Page feature allows you to personalise your website’s error pages. Add a professional touch or make your website easier for browsers to find. You can also use the server’s default versions for convenience. 

The Index Manager feature allows you to adjust the order in which your home or index pages are loaded in order of preference. You can also set your uniquely named index page as the first page to be referenced by the Web Server when loading your website (e.g. mywebsite.php).                                                                                                                       

Contact support via the Assist Portal

Access our dedicated Assist Portal from the xneelo Control Panel ​ – log a ticket and get the help you need quickly.  Here you will also find our contact details for quick reference if needed.

See the full list of what is available and what is still to come in the xneelo Control Panel. 

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