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Managing access on your account just got easier with Collaborators

October 26, 2021

Simplify collaboration by inviting clients, your developer or co-workers to access your account, using our new Control Panel. 

Controlled access management

Our new Collaborators feature allows you to manage multiple users on your account and control exactly who has access to specific information and actions. Each collaborator role has its own permissions. 

These are the two Collaborators roles currently available: 

  • The account owner: access to all your products and account data.
  • The technical administrator: access to all technical functions. 

Switch between accounts smoothly

Use the Account Switcher feature to swap between accounts without having to log in and out each time – particularly useful if you’re a designer or developer working on multiple xneelo accounts. 

Read more about Collaborators, the Account Switcher and the two roles here.

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