ModSecurity: Helping to keep your site safe, behind the scenes

ModSecurity is a web application firewall that monitors traffic to your website for malicious activity in real-time. It does this through a set of rules that detect and block the most important website attacks. ModSecurity is active on all our Web Hosting packages and our Managed Servers. Providing you with a secure hosting service is our top priority. 

A web application firewall acts like a shield between your website and the internet. ModSecurity offers an additional layer of protection to your website by monitoring all your traffic and blocking the most malicious activity. Think of ModSecurity as an early detection system that offers you a moderate level of protection, making it harder for malicious attackers to gain unauthorised access to your website. 

Easy access detection logs

It’s easy to access your ModSecurity logs so that you can see what ModSecurity has blocked. While interpreting these logs is fairly technical, our Support team is always happy to help. You’ll find these logs, along with all other web server error logs in konsoleH. The ModSecurity logs will be labelled so you will know which ones to look out for.

Future product enhancements are in development. For now, you can rest assured that this feature runs quietly in the background, helping to keep your website safe.

While ModSecurity offers moderate security and will detect the most commonly used attacks, if you’re looking for a commercial web application firewall with expert detection levels, we’d recommend Cloudbric. This option is available at an additional R149 per month, with your first 3 months free.

ModSecurity helps keep your website safe. This is free on all Web Hosting packages and Managed Servers.
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